Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Startling Stories, November 1952

I think of Walter Popp as more of a paperback cover artist, but here's a pulp cover by him that I like. STARTLING STORIES was a pretty solid science fiction pulp. The best known authors in this issue are L. Sprague de Camp, Joel Townsley Rogers (who had a long, prolific career in the adventure pulps as well as SF), and Roger Dee. Also on hand are R.J. McGregor and Dave Dryfoos, names I don't recognize at all.

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Todd Mason said...

Dryfoos is a byline I recognize (it's a spelling that's easy to remember!) but I'm not sure if I've read his work. Rogers also wrote some cf, iirc (not the safest bet at this hour, with me awake).

And, of course, Popp could be working for Paperback Library, at very least, while still working for Standard Magazines...