Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Cowboy Stories, November 1934

Great cover by Tom Lovell on this issue of COWBOY STORIES, and some fine writers inside, too: Philip Ketchum, James P. Olsen, Archie Joscelyn, S. Omar Barker, John Colohan, house-name Ken Martin, and some lesser-known writers, H. Fredric Young, Lee Willenborg, and Rand Rios. This one would sure catch a potential buyer's eye on the newsstand.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that Lee Willenborg is an artist too. About his book "Golden Ram" written and illustrated by him, edited by David McKay co., Philadelphia in 1938TheLibrary Journal says: "Ever since his twelfth birthday when he received a copy of Wood's Natural History, Lee Willenborg has been studying wild life. The drawings of the animals in this book and the descriptions of their habits and actions are based on accurate observations...."
Another of his books: "Old Ruddy and other forest people; storie by lee Willenborg, pictures by J. Clinton Shepherd. Chicago, New York, Rand, McNally & company, 1925.
Another book: "Prep Scraps"by Lee Willenborg of Massillon, Ohio. (Illustrated by W.W.Clarke). Rand McNally, 1927.
You can find his paintings and illustrations on "Nature Magazine" and "Outing".
Tiziano Agnelli