Sunday, September 06, 2020

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Detective Book Magazine, Summer 1938

This issue of a lesser known pulp (lesser known to me, anyway) has a colorful, distinctive cover and a nice line-up of authors inside. Two of the stories are reprints, including the lead novel, A. Merritt's "Creep, Shadow!" The other reprint is one of Theodore A. Tinsley's Amusement Inc. yarns from the pulp BLACK ACES. The non-reprints include stories by Erle Stanley Gardner and Franklin H. Martin, so . . . pretty good stuff. I think Gardner must have loved writing for the pulps, otherwise why would he have continued to do so after he'd already started enjoying a lot of success with Perry Mason? By the way, the big guy in the green hat on this cover reminds me a little of Broderick Crawford.


Anonymous said...

I almost wouldn’t have pegged this as a Fiction House title, for the lack of Leg Art Appeal. Checking out the cover thumbnails at Galactic Central, I see there’s an increased emphasis on GGA stylistics beginning in the early 40s, and from the usual suspects, Saunders, Anderson and Gross. There are even a few of those Diagonal Dames I like so much, their leaping / reclining / falling figures fetchingly stretched from corner to corner for maximum compositional dominance. The DD featured on the Summer ‘42 cover is kinda kooky but rather ingenious!

Yeah, I can see some Young Broderick Crawford in Green Hat Guy’s face. Maybe a pinch of Mike Mazurki too?

- b.t.

James Reasoner said...

Definitely a little Mike Mazurki there.