Saturday, September 05, 2020

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Leading Western, August 1949

I don't know the cover artist on this issue, but it's a pretty good one, and given that LEADING WESTERN was published by Trojan, no surprise that there's a pretty girl on it. Frank C. Robertson is easily the biggest name among the authors. The others are a mixture of lesser known real authors (Cliff Walters, Spencer Frost, Art Kercheval), house-names (Paul Hanna, Stan Warner), and one interesting pseudonym: Mark Mallory, who was actually science fiction writer Mack Reynolds.


Anonymous said...

I’m thinking it might be Joseph Szokoli. He did covers for PRIVATE DETECTIVE and some of the later SPICY / SPEED pulps that look a lot like this one. The big-eyed ladies and brutish men look like they’re heavily inspired by H.J. Ward, in some cases swiped almost directly. The figures on this one somewhat resemble those on the cover of the May 1946 PRIVATE DETECTIVE, though not exactly 1:1. His airbrush-heavy rendering style is also fairly distinctive. I just checked David Saunders’ PULP ARTISTS site and it turns out Szokoli painted that gonzo gun-totin’ Bigfoot cover you featured last week, too!

- b.t.

James Reasoner said...

Thanks! I agree Szokoli is a possibility. Nice to know that he painted last week's cover, too.