Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Digest Enthusiast, Book Twelve - Richard Krauss, ed.

• Tony Gleeson (Fantastic, Amazing Science Fiction, Mike Shayne, Personal Crimes).
• John Shirley (Weirdbook, Fantastic, The Crow, Constantine, Wetbones).

• Lester del Rey’s Five Ages of Science Fiction by Vince Nowell, Sr.
• Born of Other Worlds, it’s Science Stories, a digest Ray Palmer “tossed in your lap with little or no ceremony.”
• News and dozens of cover previews from around the world of digests, direct from the magazines’ editors, publishers, and writers.
• Mike Chomko and William Lampkin untangle the fate of PulpFest 2020 and The Pulpster.
• Richard Krauss exhumes the true crime sensation: Fotocrime.
• Steve Carper rediscovers the remarkable Photoplay Editions.
• Ward Smith spotlights Digest Science Fiction Novels.

• Amazing Selects
• bare•bones No. 1
• EconoClash Review No. 5
• Guns + Tacos Season One
• Lake County Incidents
• Paperback Fanatic No. 43

• Stories by Michael Bracken, Rick Ollerman, and Joe Wehrle, Jr. with artwork by Rick McCollum, Marc Myers, and Michael Neno.

• Over 100 digest magazine cover images, cartoons by Bob Vojtko, first issue factoids, and more.
• Cover by Tony Gleeson, 160 pages, published in full color by Larque Press.

(The Digest Enthusiast continues to be the most informative, entertaining magazine around, and if you have any interest in digest magazines or magazine fiction in general, you really need to be reading it. Great stuff as usual, with a slight emphasis on science fiction this time around, but my favorite part was the interview with Tony Gleeson, who provided the cover for the "Crimes in Other Times" issue of MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE with what I think is my best Mike Shayne story. It's really nice learning more about the cover artist all these years later!)


Richard said...

Thank you, James!

Walker Martin said...

Perhaps the best issue of the 12 so far published. One of my favorite magazines.