Thursday, October 10, 2019

Stillman's Wrath - Peter Brandvold

Sheriff Ben Stillman is back in STILLMAN’S WRATH, the latest installment in his adventures by Peter Brandvold. The objects of that well-deserved wrath are the outlaws who hold up a stagecoach and take not only Stillman’s wife but also one of his friends hostage, setting off a violent pursuit across the rugged Montana landscape. Complicating matters even more for Stillman is a brutal cattle baron who had a great deal of money being delivered to him on that stage—and he’ll do anything to get it back, no matter who gets in his way.

Brandvold is a master of the Western action novel, and STILLMAN’S WRATH never disappoints. This tale has a breathless pace as it cuts back and forth between the captives and the vengeful lawman who sets out to free them. There’s even a little wry humor here and there to go with the gritty action scenes. This is a great series overall, and STILLMAN’S WRATH is one of its strongest entries. Highly recommended.

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