Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Avenging Angels #2: Sinners' Gold - A.W. Hart (Wayne D. Dundee)

Gunslinging twins Reno and Sara Bass are back in AVENGING ANGELS: SINNER’S GOLD, the second novel in this top-notch new Western series. Behind the A.W. Hart house-name this time around is Wayne D. Dundee, one of the most dependably entertaining writers in the business today.

Reno and Sara, whose entire family was murdered by ex-Confederate outlaws in the first book, are on the drift after tracking down those renegades and avenging their parents and siblings. A chance encounter at an isolated roadhouse results in them killing four outlaws, and when they realize there are prices on the heads of those men, they decide they might as well take the corpses to the nearest town and collect those bounties. A woman they meet at the same time wants to go there, too, so she travels along with them.

Unfortunately, when they get there they discover that the place is ruled with an iron fist by a hellfire-and-brimstone preacher who also happens to be the local lawman. Also, their traveling companion has come there to claim an inheritance that leads to even more trouble, and before you know it, Reno and Sara are involved in a dangerous quest for hidden treasure that may or may not exist.

As usual, Dundee spins this yarn in smooth, fast-moving prose with interesting characters and great action scenes. SINNER’S GOLD is a worth successor to the first book in the series, VENGEANCE TRAIL, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the books. This one gets a high recommendation from me.

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