Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Avenging Angels: Vengeance Trail - A.W. Hart

Reno and Sara Bass are sixteen-year-old twins who live with their family on a small spread in western Kansas, but their somewhat idyllic life there is shattered when a group of ex-Confederate outlaws sweeps through the area, looting and burning and killing. Reno and Sara’s parents and siblings are killed in a raid by this bunch of renegades. The twins escape but are left to make it in a harsh world on their own, and the first task they set for themselves is a simple one.

They’re going to track down the varmints who made them orphans and settle the score.

In order to do that, they’re going to have to learn to improve their natural ability when it comes to gun-handling, and for that they turn to an old friend of their father, who led a wilder early life than Reno and Sara ever knew about. They’re also going to have to reconcile their thirst for revenge with their strong religious faith, especially Reno. That faith will be tested in other ways as they continue their vengeance quest, too.

AVENGING ANGELS: VENGEANCE TRAIL is the first novel in a new Western series created by A.W. Hart, who under other names is one of the top writers in the business. It features lots of gritty action, compelling characters, and vivid settings. I raced through this one even faster than usual and really got caught up in the lives of Reno and Sara. It’s an excellent book, easily one of the best I’ve read this year, and if you enjoy Western novels with a hardboiled edge, you need to check it out. AVENGING ANGELS: VENGEANCE TRAIL gets a very high recommendation from me.

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