Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Speed Western, June 1944

That poor horse! This cover from SPEED WESTERN reminds me of the movie stunt called a Running W that resulted in the deaths of many horses during the B-Western era. And the girl looks like she's about to get pretty shaken up, too. But inside are stories from some top-notch pulpsters, including Laurence Donovan (once as himself and once as Larry Dunn), James P. Olsen (once as himself and once as James A. Lawson), H.A. DeRosso, and house-names Walter Cook (probably also Donovan, since the story under the Cook name in the magazine has Donovan's name on it on the cover) and Stan Warner, who may well have been Donovan, too, or possibly Olsen.

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