Saturday, September 07, 2019

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Best Western Novels, January 1949

I think the expression on that girl's face may be more dangerous than the six-shooter in the cowboy's hand. This is another great cover from Norman Saunders. There are only three stories in this issue of BEST WESTERN NOVELS, two from top-notch authors Dean Owen and William Heuman and one from Lee Floren, a writer I've come to appreciate more in recent years even though I still wouldn't call him a favorite. I love novella-length Western yarns, so I'm sure I'd enjoy this issue.


gerry said...

She very much resembles Jane Russell from The Outlaw

Stephen Mertz said...

It would be interesting to know your reservations about Lee Floren & your reassessment. For a time in pulps & paperbacks he seemed to be everywhere & yet I've never once read a knowledgeable consideration of his work.

James Reasoner said...

She does indeed look like Jane Russell.

I have a Lee Floren book fairly high in the stack to read and will talk more about his work when I get to it. For the moment, though, I've found his pulp work and early paperbacks pretty readable, but the first things of his I read were some of his later novels when he seems to have lost a step. They're not terrible, just very flat.

Stephen Mertz said...

That was my reaction.