Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Fighting Aces, January 1943

I believe those are Dauntless dive bombers featured on the cover of this issue of FIGHTING ACES, but I could be wrong about that. I wrote about a Dauntless pilot in one of my World War II novels and had a great time researching it, but that was more than a decade ago. What I'm sure of is that the author of the lead story in this issue is David Goodis, remembered as the author of a number of bleak crime novels, but before that he was a prolific contributor to the air war pulps. Also in this issue are Western author Orlando Rigoni, house-name Ray P. Shotwell, and several other authors whose names aren't familiar to me. I don't know who did this cover, but I like the action on it.


Unknown said...

The wings on a Dauntless are flush with the bottom of the fuselage. These wings, protruding from the sides, make me think it's supposed to be a Curtiss Helldiver -- the successor to the Dauntless -- altho the belly of the one in the foreground is a bit exaggerated. In general, they look quite similar, which may be due to being designed for the same role.

James Reasoner said...

Thanks, Rodger. I'm sure you're right. I was going by the memory of the research I did for that long-ago book.