Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Famous Detective Stories, February 1951

Man, do I love that cover! Not only do we have a sexy redheaded nurse, we've got a gun hidden in a cast (a dang cannon, from the looks of that muzzle blast), and stories with titles like "Trigger-Happy Honey" and "The Chortling Corpse". As the old saying goes, this stuff is right up my alley! Inside are stories by old pros T.W. Ford, Dale Clark, and Richard Brister, prolific house-names Mat Rand and Cliff Campbell, and a story by none other than science fiction great Cyril Kornbluth. I would have bought this one for the cover, but I'll bet I would have enjoyed the stories, too.


Jeff Meyerson said...

You're right. What a great cover!

Peter Brandvold said...

I'm swiping those titles!

Bruce Harris said...

Dale Clark is the pseudonym of Ronal Kayser. He wrote under both names.

Sara Light-waller said...

Do you know the name of the cover artist? It is pretty great artwork.

Todd Mason said...

Until I looked it up just now, I didn't know this was a variant title of CRACK DETECTIVE, which among other work by Robert Lowndes's fellow Futurians (such as Kornbluth) also published Judith Merril's first pro story. Walter Kubilius in this issue was another Futurian, or ex-Futurian by the 1950s...

Famous Detective Stories [v11 #5, February 1951] (25¢, pulp)
8 · Trigger-Happy Honey · Dale Clark · nv
25 · Flag Down Murder · Walter Kubilius · ss
36 · A Very Artistic Murder · Richard Brister · nv
55 · The Devil’s Stairs · Cliff Campbell · ss
66 · The Chortling Corpse · R. M. F. Joses · ss
76 · The Finger Job · C. M. Kornbluth · ss
91 · The Unseen Nine · Basil Wells · ss
104 · Homicide and Heliotrope · T. W. Ford · ss
113 · Cream-Puff Pushover · Mat Rand · ss Detective and Murder Mysteries Jul 1939
Corpus Delicti · Harold Gluck · ar

Alas, no cover-artist credit in the FictionMags Index...

James Reasoner said...

I can't spot a signature in the scan from the FMI, either, and I'm not well-versed enough to identify this artist by style.