Monday, September 10, 2018

Flip Side - Richard Prosch

Dan Spalding, record store owner and retired cop, takes on a private security job in FLIP SIDE, the latest thriller from Richard Prosch. Dan's client is a college professor who's been getting some mysterious and frightening threats on his life. Between working as a bodyguard for the professor and trying to find out who's responsible for the threats, he makes the acquaintance of a beautiful redhead and runs afoul of some frat boys who have formed a white supremacist group. Not surprisingly, a couple of murders wind up figuring in the plot, too, along with some local gangsters, and Dan's life is in danger more than once before he untangles everything.

I'm really enjoying this series. Dan Spalding is one of the most likeable protagonists in mystery fiction these days, and Richard Prosch's lean, fast-moving prose is a pure pleasure to read. If you're a mystery fan, you really need to check out the Dan Spalding novels. (Excellent cover on this one, as well.)

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