Saturday, December 05, 2015

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Fifteen Western Tales,June 1946

I like this cover! Busting into a saloon on horseback with guns blazing! That's my kind of Western pulp. Lots of good authors in this issue of FIFTEEN WESTERN TALES: Walker A. Tompkins, Joseph Chadwick, Giles A. Lutz, Walt Sheldon, Lee E. Wells, Rod Patterson, Thomas Thompson, Art Lawson, and more. I like that title, too: "Texans Don't Eat Crow!" Damn straight.


Unknown said...

Looks impressive, but I suspect a thing like that takes a bit of practice to come off properly.

Peter Collinson said...

Well, given the lifestyles of western pulp heroes, it's entirely possible that the horseman in the picture actually rides, guns ablaze, through saloon doors with some regularity.

Cap'n Bob said...

That's one way to beat the cover charge.