Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Marvel Stories, April 1941

This is a pulp I owned and read many years ago. I don't remember anything about it except the cover and the fact that I enjoyed it. Not surprising since the authors included Jack Williamson and Ray Cummings. The Polton Cross story in this one is probably the only thing I've ever read by John Russell Fearn. I have no memory of it. Fearn is one of those authors I've seen mentioned many times, just haven't actually read his stories.

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Curt Phillips said...

AH! I don't have this issue but I just obtained a copy of the third issue (Fe. '39) while I was in London at the Worldcon about three weeks ago. Marvel is a better magazine than many fans might think. Some very solid stories in what we'd later realize was one of the most important transitional eras in magazine SF. I assume that these are as scarce as they are today because some who collect Marvel comics decide that they have to have these too. Too bad; I'd like to collect a complete set of them but they're just too hard to find so I'm not sure that I ever will find another issue, let alone all of them. --Curt Phillips