Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Blue Book, April 1935

It's almost hard to grasp just what a good magazine BLUE BOOK was. Take this issue from 1935. You've got Part 1 of the serialization of the first Kioga novel by William L. Chester, HAWK OF THE WILDERNESS. You've got two stories by H. Bedford-Jones, an Arms and Men yarn under his name and another story as by Gordon Keyne. You've got the final installment of SWORDS OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Plus stories by Warren Hastings Miller, Sidney Herschel Small, Leland Jamieson, and Jacland Marmur. Some of these names are pretty much forgotten, but they were all fine writers. And that was just one issue of one pulp. It boggles the mind. 


Walker Martin said...

BLUE BOOK in addition to the excellent fiction, also was a treasure trove of good art. Each story usually had several pen and ink illustrations instead of the usual one piece of art. Flanagan is my favorite.

Mike Ashley wrote a long article about BLUE BOOK in PULP VAULT 14 which is available from Black Dog Books or Amazon. One of the top pulps.

Sai S said...

The article about Blue Book that Walker Martin refers to in the comment above is available online here.