Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Kickstarter of Note: Sword of Wood - Chuck Dixon

Lord William Corrington, the second baron of Corrington and Knight of Christ is a warrior in the Holy Lands at the time of the First Crusade. Tired and disillusioned by years of war, William journeys home to his manor and village along with his squire, Pilsen, only to find the fields and hovels empty and his wife and children gone.

A Dominican friar named Henri DuChamps is the only soul remaining and is forted up in the village church. The friar is glad to see William, but is angered with his absence, stating that while the men of England were out fighting God’s war, Satan has come to take England in the form of an army of vampyres. He tells William of a rampaging horde of monsters that he has been stalking for a year. They sweep down on villages to kill and abduct all they find. They are an army of Satan’s and their ranks swell with each attack. A dark red-haired lord and agent of the Devil called only Kerioth, or ‘The Apostle,’ leads them.

William cannot know if his wife and children have been taken as feedstock or have joined the blood-sucking host.

I'll read just about anything Chuck Dixon wants to write, and this graphic novel looks excellent. You can find out the details about it here.

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Joe Murphy said...

I'm really sorry this amazing project didn't get funded this time around. It's more than worthy of over-the-top support. I'll be keeping you good folks on my radar to see where things go from here. This project is just too wonderful to not see the light of day. It's light years better than much of what actually is on the shelves and on the screen already.