Saturday, August 09, 2014

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: West, January 1946

Frontier doctors showed up as heroes in Western pulps from time to time, and here's a good example of one, right down to the title and the character's appearance on this cover by Sam Cherry. Bradford Scott, who was really A. Leslie Scott, expanded this story for hardback publication a couple of years after its pulp appearance, and then the novel was reprinted a few years after that by Harlequin, back when they published all sorts of genre fiction, not just romances. This issue of WEST is also notable for containing one of the later Zorro stories by Johnston McCulley, "Zorro Frees Some Slaves".


Steve Bowen said...

The man on that cover of WEST reminds me of the actor R.G. Armstrong who appeared on a lot of 50's TV westerns.

Erwin-K said...

I agree, the resemblance to the actor is striking. Perhaps, like James Garner, R.G. did some artist modeling.

Jim Griffin said...

Looks like Keith Souter's Dr. Logan Munro in the Wolf Creek series.