Monday, August 04, 2014

Bad Times #1: Cannibal Gold

There's no telling how many comic book stories by Chuck Dixon I've read over the years. Hundreds, certainly. But I'd never read any of his novels until now. CANNIBAL GOLD is the first in a new series of science fiction adventure novels, and it's a mighty good one. The set-up is pretty simple. Brother-and-sister genius scientists invent a time machine. Sister gets stuck in the past, 100,000 years ago in prehistoric Nevada. Brother hires a group of ex-Army Ranger badasses to go back in time and rescue her. Much shooting and fighting ensues.

In fact, after some very well done opening scenes in which Dixon introduces us to the characters, the rest of the book is mostly action, which is handled excellently as you'd expect from someone with Dixon's credentials. But in a nice twist, the characters encounter a few things in the past they weren't expecting, and Dixon does a fine job of layering in a few hints that there's a bigger story going on. Although this book comes to a satisfactory conclusion, not everything is resolved, but that's all right. The second book is already out, and I'd already bought it and downloaded it to my Kindle before I was halfway through with this one. That's how much I enjoyed CANNIBAL GOLD.

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Jack Badelaire said...

I've been on the fence about this book - not that it's bad, but just my overall interest level. I signed up for Kindle Unlimited this morning, and immediately nabbed the book. Looking forward to reading it when I get the chance!