Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Detective Novels, February 1944

A gun-toting clown, a gorilla, and a blonde in a skimpy outfit...what more does a pulp cover need, anyway? Inside this eye-catching issue of DETECTIVE NOVELS is a Candid Camera Kid yarn by Norman Daniels (a pretty good series; I've read several installments from it), a Norman Conquest story by Berkeley Gray reprinted from the British magazine THE THRILLER, and some assorted short stories. Somebody needs to do a complete collection of the Candid Camera Kid stories. I wouldn't be surprised to see that one of these days.


Walker Martin said...

Some pulps really used eye catching covers. It would be hard to pass a newsstand and not do a double take with this cover. The only thing missing is a Bug Eyed Monster from outer space.

Keith West said...

"...what more does a pulp cover need, anyway?"

A giant rampaging robot?

I've not heard of the Candid Camera Kid before. Sounds intriguing.

James Reasoner said...

A robot would have been good, all right.

The Candid Camera Kid was wise-cracking news photographer Jerry Wade, who along with his beautiful reporter girlfriend got involved in action-packed mysteries by longtime pulp and paperback author Norman Daniels, writing under the name John L. Benton. The stories I've read were pretty entertaining. There's a list of the whole series here:

Cap'n Bob said...

Sure, add a robot, an Oriental with a branding iron, and a snake and you'd have it all.