Saturday, January 04, 2014

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Wild West Weekly, March 7, 1942

I have a real fondness for WILD WEST WEEKLY from the mid-Thirties up until it ended in 1943, when it seems to me it was aimed less at a juvenile audience and was more of a standard Western pulp. The series characters weren't gone completely, but a lot of the stories were stand-alones. The only series character in this issue is Lee Bond's The Oklahoma Kid. I don't think I've read any of those, but I like Bond's work overall. This issue also has stories by Gunnison Steele, Chuck Martin, Ed Earl Repp, and Archie Joscelyn. I'll bet that's good readin'!

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Walker Martin said...

I once had a few hundred WILD WEST WEEKLY pulps but I got rid of them a dozen or so years ago. They appeared slanted toward the teenage boy market and I wanted a more adult magazine. However I recently bought a couple hundred issues of WWW so I guess I'm heading toward my second childhood.

I'll be exploring the 1935-1943 later issues to see if I agree about the adult slant of the later years. Nice covers!