Wednesday, January 08, 2014

More About 2013's Reading

Last week in my year-end post I mentioned that I'd read 128 books in 2013. If anybody's interested, here's the breakdown in what genres they were:

46 Westerns
25 Graphic Novels
22 Mysteries
10 Science Fiction
7 Horror
7 General Fiction
6 Non-fiction
2 War Novels
2 Romance
1 Humor

As far as formats go, here are those numbers:

Books Read Electronically (e-books, PDFs, Word documents – 66)
Hardbacks – 15
Trade Paperbacks – 30
Paperbacks – 8
Pulps – 6 (although there were probably at least a dozen pulp reprints scattered through the other formats)

I read 14 books that were sent to me as review copies. It seemed like more than that, so I may have overlooked one or two. I read 24 books from libraries. I read multiple books by various authors:

Garth Ennis – 5
Ed Gorman – 5
Frank Roderus – 5
Keith Souter – 5
Robert J. Randisi – 4
Jory Sherman – 4
Lawrence Block – 3
Geoff Johns – 3

I read 2 books by 'way too many authors to list. I've never been the type to go on a binge and read a bunch of books by the same author, though. 5 or 6 is usually the most I'll read by the same author in one year.

The most important thing is that I read a bunch of good books last year. My plan is to do that this year, too.


Richard said...

Thank for putting these up, James. I posted my stats and favorite books as well, and we share some genre preferences though you read a lot more books than I did. Good stuff.

Neil Waring said...

I read 51 and thought it was a banner year. Great list and breakdown.