Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Thrilling Western, June 1946

It's odd the things we remember. A few days ago I drove by the strip shopping center in a neighboring town where one of my daughters took dance lessons almost 25 years ago. I always sat out in the car and read while she was in class, and I distinctly remember reading this issue of THRILLING WESTERN. I don't remember much about the contents, except that I liked the Walt Slade story by "Bradford Scott" (really A. Leslie Scott) and I think I enjoyed the one by Nels Leroy Jorgensen, too. But that's it. Don't recall a thing about the ones by Barry Scobee, Ben Frank, Mel Pitzer, Stephen Payne, and Joe Archibald. I got a lot of good reading done during that dance class.


Walker Martin said...

This cattle stampede cover reminds of the big scene in the movie Alvarez Kelly. The confederates stampede a herd of 2500 cattle toward the union lines. The cattle win.

The cover shows a cowboy trying to stop the stampede. In the movie 300 riflemen plus a cannon could not stop the cattle.

Keith West said...

I've come to appreciate reading while kids have classes. My son has something 3 nights a week, and sometimes that's the only time I can carve out for reading all day.

James Reasoner said...

Between dance classes and Girl Scouts, that was my main reading time for several years. Also, when I was picking up the girls at school, I always made sure to get there 20 or 30 minutes early. To "beat the traffic", you know. The fact that I always had a book with me was just a coincidence, of course.