Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Top-Notch, June 1936

TOP-NOTCH was a good adventure magazine. Several of Robert E. Howard's El Borak and other Middle Eastern adventure yarns first appeared there. This issue doesn't have REH, but it does have an excellent machine gun cover and a line-up of solid pulp authors such as Norman A. Daniels, S. Gordon Gurwit, Hapsburg Liebe, William Merriam Rouse, and Leslie McFarlane, who wrote the early Hardy Boys novels as "Franklin W. Dixon".


Walker Martin said...

TOP NOTCH ceased publication the very next year in 1937 after lasting for 459 issues. It started off as a dime novel in 1910 but sales were so good that it soon changed to the pulp format. I see that COMPLETE STORIES, also a Street & Smith magazine, also died in 1937, ceasing publication the same month as TOP NOTCH. Street & Smith must have decided to get out of the adventure genre completely, perhaps because of declining circulations.

Jonathan G. Jensen said...

James, I love Top Notch myself, great reads contained therein. I even found the very first issue of Top Notch the Dime Novel one in an old store several years back. Cool Stuff! Jonathan