Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Thrilling Sports, Summer 1947

And now, as they say, for something completely different. I thought with the baseball playoffs getting underway, it would be a good time for a baseball cover. I've never read a sports pulp. I owned one or two, once, but never got around to reading them. But I'll bet some of the stories were pretty darned good, because the professional pulpsters could turn their hand to almost any genre and come up with an entertaining yarn. This authors in this issue include my old editor and mentor Sam Merwin Jr., prolific Western pulp contributor T.W. Ford, air war author Robert Sidney Bowen, and detective and G-Man writer William O'Sullivan. Sounds like a promising line-up to me.


Walker Martin said...

Sport pulps have been sorely neglected by both collectors and scholars. I've been picking up some at the pulp conventions where they can still be obtained for low prices. Ed Hulse plans to devote a chapter to the sport pulps in his upcoming second edition of the BLOOD N THUNDER GUIDE TO THE PULPS.

Also Michelle Nolan will be publishing a book about the sport pulps. McFarland Books will have it out in 2013.

BISH said...

Always filled with gret stuff. I've been collecting these for years, since no one else apparently cares about them ... It's where my love of fight fiction started ...

Juri said...

I've been dreaming about putting together a new one with old and new sports stories, from both American and Finnish writers, but I've been pretty slack about it.

Walker Martin said...

A few years ago I tracked down what may be the only 4 collections of stories from the sport pulps:

1--THE ARGOSY BOOK OF SPORT STORIES(1953), edited by Rogers Terrill. However, some of these are from the period when ARGOSY was a slick mens magazine.
2--BASEBALL ROUND-UP(1948) edited by Leo Margulies.
3--ALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL STORIES(1948) edited by Leo Margulies.
4--WHILE THE CROWD CHEERS!(1953) by David C. Cooke.

If anyone knows of any other sport pulp collections let us know.

Juri said...

Walker: are the table of contents for any of these easily available?