Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Leading Western, February 1947

LEADING WESTERN was published by Trojan Publications, the same company that brought out SPICY WESTERN, SPEED WESTERN, FIGHTING WESTERN, etc. For much of its run it had the same sort of covers as those other magazines, with some sort of violent action going on featuring a cowboy (usually with a gun in his hand going off) and a girl (usually missing some of her clothes). For a few issues, though, LEADING WESTERN featured stark, very effective covers like this one.

All the authors in this issue are unknown to me. Some of them are known to be house names. The other by-lines appeared only once or twice, all in pulps from Trojan Publications, which makes me think they were pseudonyms as well. So your guess is as good as mine about who really wrote the contents of this issue. (Laurence Donovan and James P. Olsen are good guesses, but that's all they are.) Still, I like that cover.

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Walker Martin said...

LEADING WESTERN was a pulp I never bothered to collect, I guess because of the connection to the Trojan line of spicy titles. I see it lasted 28 issues from 1945-1950. By the way, there was also a magazine called LEADING LOVE. I might have found that of more interest!