Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Six-Gun Western, September 1948

As some of you can probably tell just by looking at that cover, SIX-GUN WESTERN is another entry from Trojan Magazines, publisher of the Spicy line of pulps. This is a pretty typical cover for that line, but the authors in this issue make it interesting. There are a number of prolific Western pulpsters represented, including H.A. DeRosso, Frank C. Robertson, C. William Harrison, and Lee Floren, plus well-known science fiction author and critic James Blish. I've never read any of Blish's Western stories, but I read quite a bit of SF by him when I was younger. Just one more example of the fact that cross-genre authors are nothing new.


Walker Martin said...

I see the reference books are not even sure how many issues there were of SIX-GUN WESTERN. Not many but I do see a note that it tried the digest format around 1950.

Rick Hall said...

Fictionmags shows there were 17 issues but merges the Goodman title with the Trojan title.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Rick...I will point that out to Bill Contento and/or Phil Stephensen-Payne, probably redundantly by now!

Paraphrase from memory of Frederik Pohl, about the versatility of pulp-fiction writers: "One liked to exercise one's muscles in different forms...and one liked to eat."