Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Action Stories, August 1935

ACTION STORIES wasn't exactly a Western pulp, since its contents included, well, action stories of other sorts as well, but Westerns were probably the dominant genre.  This looks like a particularly strong issue, with a "Gip Drago" novel by Eugene Cunningham (I've never read any of the Gip Drago stories, but they sound good and I wish somebody would reprint them), a novel by Walt Coburn, stories by Barry Scobee and James P. Olsen, and a little yarn called "Cupid of Bear Creek", by none other than Robert E. Howard.  Yep, a Breckenridge Elkins rip-snorter.  And an action-packed cover, to boot.


Evan Lewis said...

Do you know if Breck Elkins was ever pictured on the cover? He sure deserved it.

James Reasoner said...

I don't believe he ever made the cover, although I'm not sure because I haven't seen scans of every issue he's in. Don't recall ever hearing about it, though. Howard's name is on the cover of some of those issues, but that's it.

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