Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Photos

Indy guarding the cake with a broadsword. That's Jack Baum in the white shirt, and I'm shooting the picture over Rusty's shoulder (not an easy thing to do).

Howard's room, where all his stories were written. You can't really get a sense from this picture of how narrow and cramped the room really is. The typewriter on the desk isn't Howard's actual typewriter (that belongs to a collector in California, I believe) but it's the same model. Usually during Howard Days his room is roped off, but since the crowd was so small for this gathering, we were able to walk into it and stand by the desk. It's quite a feeling for a fan.


AndyDecker said...

Thank you for the photos! This was really interesting. I have to confess that I imagined Howard´s room quite different :-)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Great photos. For someone who has only become a Howard fan over the last few years it is quite a thrill to be able to experience this through another's eyes. I bet it really was a thrill to stand in that room.