Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dave Barry's History of the Millennium (So Far) -- Dave Barry

I’ve been a Dave Barry fan for a long time and have read most of his books. This new one takes a humorous look at the first few years of this millennium, and I found it hilarious, with several laugh-out-loud bits on just about every page. However, the best part of the book is the opening section where he briefly covers the history of the millennium before this one, from the year 1000 to 2000. Sure, it’s funny as it can be, but there’s some actual history in there, too, and it’s pretty accurate if you can separate it out from the inspired silliness. And as always, there’s the occasional serious moment where Barry is using humor to get the reader to think about some fairly weighty issues. It’s not all booger jokes. In fact, I don’t recall a single booger joke in this book, which leads me to wonder if Dave is slipping a little. I don’t really think so, though. If you like his work, you should thoroughly enjoy DAVE BARRY’S HISTORY OF THE MILLENNIUM (SO FAR).

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