Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I don't really feel qualified to comment much on this movie, since I slept through probably half of it. However, the other three members of the family watched all of it and didn't care for it. All I can say is that the animation looked pretty good, but obviously, the story didn't really engage me.

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Mark Terry said...

I missed this one. My wife took my 2 sons (ages 9 & 13 at the time) to see it and they all sort of shrugged. Although I generally think the quality of Pixar films are head-and-shoulders (and nipples and belly buttons, for that matter) over everybody else, some of them are aimed at a younger age group than others. Although I recognize that "Finding Nemo" is a terrific film, once was enough for this adult, unlike "The Incredibles," which I never seem to tire of. And like "Cars" my wife and my reaction was, "Well, yeah, that was really well done, but... it was about cars!"