Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Too Picky?

I started to read a Western novel today while waiting on some car repairs. It opened during the Civil War, in a Union prison camp. Problem was, this Union prison camp was in Montana, which also had railroads and cattletowns. I haven't checked it out, but I'm pretty sure this is all wrong. I put the book aside without reading any more. Other than the historical inaccuracies, it seemed to be fairly well written, and I wondered if maybe I was being unfair to it. I'm sure I've committed some howlers in my books that I'm unaware of. But I'm quicker on the trigger than I used to be when it comes to setting books aside if anything about them bothers me. Too many books, not enough time, as the old saying goes.

I moved on to THE CONCRETE BLONDE, the third Harry Bosch book by Michael Connelly, and I'm enjoying it very much. This is my third Connelly novel in the past couple of months, which is unusual for me. I usually space out authors more than that. But when I find one I really like, I tend to read them more quickly for a while.

Today I made library runs, bought groceries, and took care of a few other errands. No writing, but I plan to get back to it tomorrow. Since this is the last day of August, my total for the month will be 327 pages.

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