Sunday, August 08, 2004

Fiction Junkie

I failed to write a post yesterday for the first time since starting this blog. However, there really wasn't much to write about. I did a lot of yard work and read some research. Longtime readers of Bill Crider's blog ( ) will remember that Bill doesn't like to mow the grass. Well, neither do I.

I did more research and got back to writing today, plugged away at it until I had 14 pages. I'm going to start reading a novel again tonight, probably the new Spenser by Robert B. Parker. BAD BUSINESS, I think it's called, but I'm not going to get up to check. I'm a fiction junkie, and even a few days reading just work-related stuff drives me nuts. I've heard writers say that they never read fiction because they're afraid it will influence what they're writing. That's all well and good and everybody's got to do what works for them. But if I didn't read other people's fiction more or less constantly, it would have a negative impact on my work because I'd be crazy and not writing anything. I've been that way for 45 years and don't think I'm likely to change any time soon.

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