Saturday, August 28, 2004

Back to Work

I was able to get started on the new book today and wrote a 12-page prologue. As always when I've been away from it for a few days, the act of writing is very enjoyable. Just putting the words together feels good. After several days in a row of it, it's not as much fun, of course. That's why I'm not one of those "I write every day of the year" writers. That's fine if it works, but it doesn't for me.

Speaking of writing, there's a very nice little essay about it today on Ed's Place , by Ed Gorman. Ed says a lot of things that a lot of writers have probably felt. I know I have. Highly recommended.

I'm reading "Burma Guns", a novelette by E. Hoffmann Price from the July 1940 issue of THRILLING ADVENTURE that was recently reprinted as a chapbook by Black Dog Books. Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books has reprinted a lot of classic pulp fiction over the past few years and done a great job of it.

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