Thursday, August 12, 2004

Better Day

With my dad back home, I was able to work all day and got 27 pages done, the sort of day I really needed. It didn't hurt that the weather was again cooler than usual for this time of year. I like being able to open the windows in my studio and air it out.

I'm reading LONGARM IN DEADWOOD, one of the relatively early Longarms by "Tabor Evans", in this case Lou Cameron. I haven't read a Longarm in quite a while. It's been my experience that writing novels in a house-name series makes me lose interest in reading the entries by other authors. It's not like there's any book-to-book continuity, and I get enough of the character in the books I write. However, I may have to rethink this stance, as I'm really enjoying this book. Cameron is an old pro, of course, and a good storyteller most of the time. This one is flowing along just fine and has an interesting plot. Pure entertainment, as far as I'm concerned.


Mystery Dawg said...

Hi James,
Its been a long trip this time. Dad is now back at his home in hospice care. I want to thank you for your kind words and wish to express my thoughts for your dad. I hope he is feeling better.

James Reasoner said...

It sounds like we're in much the same boat, Aldo. My dad is doing better but will never be in very good shape again. We take things day by day. My mom, who is also 88, now has some professional help to take care of him, so maybe she won't get worn down too badly.