Monday, August 02, 2004

Scorcher; Derailed

Today was the hottest day of the summer so far. Temperatures around here ranged from 104 to 107, depending on where you were. Luckily, I spent most of the day inside writing. I got the month off to a good start with 24 pages. I'm not surprised that the weekend was pretty productive, because I'm getting close to the end of the book I'm working on. My pace nearly always speeds up during the last few chapters of a book. Sheer momentum, more than likely.

I finished reading DERAILED. Bill Crider commented on yesterday's post that I would probably hate it. I wouldn't go quite that far. It read fast and generated a little suspense, although not much because the plot was so predictable and the characters so unlikable. I probably wouldn't have finished it if I hadn't wanted to see what the plot twist was that Bill and some others have mentioned. When I got there, it was as spectacularly dumb as they said. But I did kind of like the ending. I might even read another book by James Siegel. Or I might not.

I changed the font size on this post. We'll see if it shows up that way on the website, and how it looks if it does. The default size seems a little small to these old eyes of mine.

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