Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Finished; Great Website

20 pages today wrapped up the current house-name Western. I liked it pretty well, thought it was one of the better series Westerns I've done recently. A friend of mine who writes a lot of these compares writing series Westerns to hitting a baseball: sometimes you strike out, sometimes you hit a nice sharp single to the outfield, sometimes you get lucky and knock one out of the park. But whatever you do, next time you gotta get up and take your swings again.

I'm still reading that Johnstone book, but I should finish it tonight. Next up is probably that Milton Lesser book I mentioned yesterday. Today while searching the Internet in an attempt to find out when and where the two stories in the book were originally published, I found a great site devoted to science fiction pulps and digests:


It's in French, but it features cover scans and indexes for just about every SF magazine you can think of. Even if you don't speak French, the indexes are easy to decipher. I could spend hours going through this site looking at all the covers and wishing I had those issues. I do have some of them, but only a small fraction. Great stuff, highly recommended.

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