Sunday, December 03, 2023

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Top-Notch, November 1936

I don't know who did the cover for this issue of TOP-NOTCH, but it's eye-catching, that's for sure. And there are some good writers inside this issue, including Philip Ketchum, Richard Sale, Nat Schachner, and George Armin Shaftel. Despite having seen Schachner's name for decades now, I don't think I've ever read anything by him. I have e-books of some of his science fiction stories. I suppose I ought to read them one of these days.


Paul Herman said...

Looks like a John Drew cover to me. Thanks for posting!

James Reasoner said...

Paul, after looking at some of Drew's covers, I agree, this really does look like his work. Thanks!

Sai S said...

Agree with Paul. If you squint hard at the bottom right of the cover, there's a partial signature that looks like John Drew's.

The Nat Schachner story is fantasy set in Neanderthal/Cro Magnon times.