Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Adventure, May 1934

Here's another pith helmet cover, this one by Duncan McMillan. I like the colors on this one. This issue of ADVENTURE has some excellent writers in it, including Gordon MacCreagh with a Kingi Bwana story. Also on hand are W.C. Tuttle, Albert Richard Wetjen, Gordon Young (with a serial installment), and a couple of lesser-known writers, Andrew McCaffrey and James Stevens.

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Sai S. said...

I read this issue a while ago and only recall the long MacCreagh lead story. Voodoo in Africa, giant snakes and two supporting characters that recall Haggard's Umslopogaas and L. Patrick Greene's Jim the Hottentot. King himself behaves like a combination Major and Quartermain, driving a safari into deep Africa in search of whatever's been causing people to disappear.

The descriptions of life on a jungle expedition clearly come from someone who had been there.
But MacCreagh can't quite create the spooky atmosphere that Haggard could.