Saturday, May 07, 2022

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Mammoth Western, August 1950

That's a dramatic cover on this issue of MAMMOTH WESTERN, painted by Arnold Kohn, an artist I'm not familiar with. I'm very familiar with some of the authors inside this issue, though, which include Harry Whittington, Les Savage Jr., and (here's a name you don't normally associate with Westerns) Robert Bloch. Also on hand are Ziff-Davis regular Berkeley Livingston and house-name Mallory Storm. This issue doesn't seem to be on-line anywhere I can find.


Anonymous said...

Robert Bloch writing a Western is certainly something you don’t see every day. Kinda makes you want to track it down, don’t it.

I mostly associate Arnold Kohn with Ray Palmer’s AMAZING and FANTASTIC, where he did four or five excellent cheesecake type covers. David Saunders has several examples at his ‘Pulp Artists’ site.


James Reasoner said...

Bloch wrote at least two stories for the Western pulps: "Chinaman's Chance", in this issue of MAMMOTH WESTERN, and "Indian Sign" in the January 1943 issue of WEST.

Thanks for the info on Arnold Kohn.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest avoiding the outhouse.

David L. Wilson