Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Two Western Romances, Winter 1950

Sometimes I like these split covers, and sometimes I don't. I think this one from TWO WESTERN ROMANCES works pretty well. I don't know the artist for either picture. Given the pulp's title, it's not surprising that there are only two stories in this issue, both by popular authors: Norman A. Fox and Lee Floren. I'd say that Fox had the more successful career, with a number of his novels being made in movies and staying in print for a long time, but Floren was more prolific and was a steady seller in paperback for an even longer time. I haven't read a great deal by either author, but from what I have read, I prefer Fox. I plan to read more by both of them, however.


Anonymous said...

I’m leaning towards Allen Anderson as the cover artist. The only thing that DOESN’T much look like his work to me is the face of the gal in close-up on the left half of the diagonal. However, the way she’s holding the pistol crossed over her shoulder is exactly like Anderson’s cover for TWO COMPLETE SCIENCE-ADVENTURES Winter 1952 — which does support my theory, even if it’s only ‘circumstantial evidence’.

Anderson did have a habit of occasionally re-purposing figures, poses and compositions in his cover scenes. Leigh Brackett’s ‘Queen of the Martian Catacombs’ on the cover of PLANET Summer 49 returned as the ‘Kill-Gun Angel’ on the cover for LARIAT Spring 51, and the ‘Gun-Queen of the Spanish Grant’ on the cover of LARIAT March 50 became the ‘Witch of the Demon Seas’ for PLANET January 51.


James Reasoner said...

Good catch! There are enough similarities that I think the cover is by Anderson, too. I'll use that TWO COMPLETE SCIENCE-ADVENTURE BOOKS as my Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp tomorrow.