Saturday, June 13, 2020

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Fifteen Western Tales, September 1948

We have what looks like a Deliberate Injury to a Hat cover on this issue of FIFTEEN WESTERN TALES. And a really strong line-up of authors inside, too: Peter Dawson, Steve Frazee, Tom W. Blackburn, Talmage Powell, Rolland Lynch, Joe Archibald, and Rod Patterson. Some well-respected pulpsters and paperbackers there.


PONY said...

Hi, James,
It's always a pleasure reading your "Saturday Morning Western Pulp".
Keep on with your good work!!

Anonymous said...

I think Talmage Powell’s mysteries about Ed Rivers might be the most underrated/unknown hardboiled detective novels of all.

But I never read a western story by the guy. Do you know if he wrote any quantity of them, James?

John Hocking

James Reasoner said...

Powell wrote only one Western novel that I know of, THE CAGE, which I reviewed here on the blog years ago. But he wrote more than 50 stories for the Western pulps and was pretty much a regular contributor to RANCH ROMANCES during the early Fifties. He seems to have gone through three stages in his pulp career: mostly mystery and detective yarns in the Forties, then mostly Westerns in the late Forties up to the mid-Fifties, then mostly mysteries again in the last days of the pulps and the growing digest market.

I read a couple of the Ed Rivers novels and thought they were very good. I need to read the rest of them.