Sunday, March 01, 2020

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Detective Short Stories, November 1937

The cover by J.W. Scott for this issue of DETECTIVE SHORT STORIES looks more like it was done for a Weird Menace pulp, but hey, that's all right with me. The fumes rising from that beaker certainly are strategically placed, aren't they? Inside are stories by a couple of my favorite pulp authors, E. Hoffmann Price and Donald Barr Chidsey, along with the prolific Anatole Feldman (writing as Anthony Field), Oscar Schisgall, and assorted house-names and little known authors.


Unknown said...

If only the room had an electric fan.Or an air purifier. Or ANYTHING to blow the smoke away!

Anonymous said...

One thing I’ve noticed in most of Scott’s Weird Menace covers — the ladies almost always look more angry or annoyed than terrified. Instead of yelling “For God’s sake, somebody help me!” they look like they’re saying, “And just what do you think you’re doing, mister?”


James Reasoner said...

Yes, this one definitely wants to speak to the manager.