Saturday, August 03, 2019

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Novel and Short Stories, November 1941

This issue of WESTERN NOVEL AND SHORT STORIES sports a cover by Allen Anderson, an artist I usually associate with Fiction House pulps. No Old Geezer this time, but we get the Stalwart Cowboy and the Gun-Totin' Redhead. (I really should have written a book called LONGARM AND THE GUN-TOTIN' REDHEAD. If the series still existed and I was writing them, I would.) Anyway, this looks like a fine issue of this pulp, with stories by Peter Dawson, Leslie Ernenwein, Clem Colt (who was really Nelson C. Nye), and Jim Kjelgaard, one of the favorite authors of my youth because of all the juvenile novels he wrote about dogs.

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Walker Martin said...

Dan Zimmer of ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE is accepting pre-orders for an art book on Allen Anderson by David Saunders. Publication date scheduled for fall. I once owned a cover painting with an insane cover by Anderson for LARIAT STORIES. It showed a girl tied to a horse with the villain whipping her, the hero is arriving in the background. I believe it now is buried in the vaults of the New Britain Museum.