Friday, January 11, 2019


Sammy is doing well, eating and drinking fine, taking all his meds, and getting around a little. I think he felt more restless today, as if he's had enough of this and is ready to get back to his normal life. We all are, but it's going to take a while. His buddy Ranger visited him today. The desk where I'm working is just to the right of that picture; you can see the chair where I sit. This arrangement worked fine until Ranger decided he needed to get up and peer over my shoulder while I was writing. I think that was his way of telling me he wanted to collaborate with me. Or that the stuff needs editing.

Speaking of writing, the current book has gone well the past two days, 16 pages yesterday and 21 today. I should finish Sunday unless I get really ambitious tomorrow. And as soon as I wrap up this one, I need to write the outline for the next book in the series. Luckily I already have an idea for it.

I was monkeying around with Word and decided to change the background color. I tried white text on a black background (thirty years ago when I first started using a computer, that was the way the screen looked), but that was too stark for me. I settled on black text on a light green background. Remember the old Lancer Easy-Eye paperbacks in the Sixties? That's sort of what it looks like. And I have to say, so far I like it. It really does seem to be easier on my eyes. Although I never really liked the way those paperbacks looked. The first one I ever bought was GOLDEN BLOOD by Jack Williamson, a novel I ought to reread one of these days.


Howard said...

Glad to see your buddy Sammy is doing well. Dogs are among life's best benefits.

Barry Traylor said...

Do give GOLDEN BLOOD a try as it is quite good.

Ahmed89 said...
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Ahmed89 said...
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