Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sammy Update

It's been three weeks since Sammy's surgery, and he continues to do really well in his recovery. His incision is almost completely healed. You can barely see it in the picture above. He's been out of the dreaded cone for almost a week now, and we're all very glad he no longer has to wear it. His gait is nearly normal. Only occasionally does he favor the surgically repaired leg. I do think he's getting pretty bored with the whole thing and wants to go back to living his old life outside, but it's still going to be a while before he can do that.

My writing has rolled along fairly well this month, with my "editor" right here in the pen beside me. I've written about 90,000 words, and my current book, which I started on the 17th, hit the approximate one-third point yesterday. I'm on pace to finish it by the end of February, which is what I need to do.

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Howard said...

Thanks for posting about your hairy buddy. Glad to hear that he's mending well. And I'm astounded at the number of words that you put together!