Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Max Brand's Western Magazine, April 1950

There may not be as much stuff going on in this cover by Norman Saunders as there is in many of his paintings, but it's certainly dynamic and I like it quite a bit. MAX BRAND'S WESTERN MAGAZINE was a reprint pulp, and this issue contains only two stories: "Open Range for Renegades" by Bennett Foster, which was originally published as the novel COW THIEF TRAIL by Morrow in 1937; and "The Laughter of Slim Malone", a Max Brand story from a 1919 issue of ALL STORY WEEKLY that's been reprinted in other collections since then.

UPDATE: Bennett Foster's novel COW THIEF TRAIL was reprinted in paperback by Bantam in 1951 under its original title. (Never pass up an excuse to post the cover of an old paperback, I say.)

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