Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Adventure, August 3, 1920

An unusual but effective cover by Dwight Franklin graces this issue of ADVENTURE. It's a good-looking issue all the way around with stories by W.C. Tuttle (the second Hashknife Hartley yarn, "A Whizzer on Willer Creek"), Harold Lamb (a Khlit the Cossack story), Hugh Pendexter, and Charles Beadle, among other writers lesser known these days. It's easy to see why ADVENTURE was regarded as one of the best pulps.


Jerry House said...

It's unusual to see BS written in bullets on a pulp cover.

James Reasoner said...

The initials are probably supposed to stand for Buck Seldon, who's mentioned on the wanted poster, but I think the artist had his tongue firmly in cheek on this one.

Sai S said...

B***s*** as a word didn't really become popular till the 1940s. Unless someone has alternate suggestions for BS as a phrase, i think in this case BS stands for Buck Seldon.

Source: Google NGrams