Sunday, March 04, 2018

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: G-Men, December 1937

As far as I've been able to tell without doing a lot of research, the cover painting for this issue of G-MEN isn't a redone Western pulp cover and wasn't turned into a Western cover after being used here. But it sure looks like it could have been. Change the guns, put the guy in a yellow or blue cowboy shirt, and give him a bandanna instead of a tie, and you've got a TEXAS RANGERS or THRILLING WESTERN cover. Artist Richard Lyon provided numerous covers for both of those pulps.

Inside is a Dan Fowler story, of course, and I've always enjoyed those yarns about the stalwart FBI agent. The author behind the C.K.M. Scanlon house-name on this one may have been Whitney Ellsworth, best remembered these days as an editor for DC Comics. The back-up short story is by William T. Cowin, an author I'm not familiar with.

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