Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday Morning Bonus Pulp: Western Trails, January 1941

This issue of WESTERN TRAILS features novelettes by two of the most dependable Western pulpsters, L.P. Holmes and Lee Bond, along with stories by Orlando Rigoni, an author whose books I've seen around forever without reading any of them (something I plan to change in the relatively near future), Clint Douglas (a house-name), and several other authors I haven't heard of before. I'd read this issue just for Holmes and Bond, though, and any other good stories would be a bonus.

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Anonymous said...

Lead Storm in Lost Valley is a mighty fine title, too.

One could almost anticipate a genuine, Ki-Gor style lost valley with the remnants of an ancient Eygptian colony and a few raging dinosaurs.
But while Western Trails delivered solid thrills, that's a bit too much to hope for here.